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All "House favourites" Cocktails: €   7,30
1,5l. Pitcher House Cocktail:         € 28,90

Happy Hour:Every Day 16:00-20:00
Blue Hour:   Sun-Thu    23:00-24:00
                       Fri+Sat      24:00-01:00
All "House favourites" Cocktails:  €  4,40
1,5l. Pitcher House Cocktail:          €17,80

Golden Dream

43er Liqueur, Triple Sec with cream and orange juice


A la Rio De Janeiro... Cachaca, freshly cut limes and brown sugar.

Frozen Daiquiris

Cool and refreshing. Light rum blended with fresh fruits and lemon. Choose from, strawberry, banana, or classic lime.

Asian Eye

white rum, dry orange, grenadine, pineapple juice and lemon.

Long Island Ice Tea

Henry's favourite! Gin, triple sec, tequila, rum, sours and coke.

Miami Dolphin

Sweet and fruity. Southern comfort, amaretto and blue curacao mixed with fruit juices.

Pina Colada

The original... Rum blended with pineapple, coconut and cream.

Singapore Sling

Our secret mix. Gin, lemon juice, grenadine, lemonade and a float of cherry brandy.

Swimming Pool

Dive right in... Vodka, blue curacao, light rum, blended with pineapple, coconut and cream.


The heat is on! Rum coconut liqueur, grenadine, fresh strawberries and banana blended with pineapple and coconut cream.


Too many and you'll walk like the Undead... Light and Dark rums, apricot brandy, orange and pineapple juice, with a float of over proofed rum.

Tequila Sunrise

Classic and always good. Gold tequila, orange juice and grenadine.

Bahama Mama

Just like in the islands, Mon... Dark rum, coconut liqueur, Kahlua, lemon and pineapple juice, with a float of over proofed rum.

Melon Cooler

Melon and coconut liqueurs combined with sours and pineapple juice.

Golden Fruit Margaritas

The Mexican Classic: Gold tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. Choose frozen, shaken, strawberry, peach or classic lime.

Henry Smashes Hank's Head Against The Wall...

(If you can't pronounce it order a HSHHATW) The "Insiders Cocktail". Vodka and orange juice with a float of Licor 43.

Lynchburg Lemonade

Just like in Tennessee! Triple sec, Jack Daniels whiskey and sours topped with lemonade.


No, not burito, Mohito... Fresh mint leaves, crushed with lime slices, brown sugar and light rum, topped with soda water.

Sex On The Beach

Or on the bar? Peach liqueur, vodka, orange and cranberry juice.

Sweet Denise

But not so very innocent... Dark rum, amaretto, lemon and lime, cherry and passionfruit juice.